Executive search

Finding the right talent is not easy, especially when recruiting for very specific, niche roles that require unique skill sets.

We are specialized in placing senior, executive, or other highly specialized professionals for nationwide and global clients.
We listen carefully, ask the right questions, and design your teams in the line with your strategy and market reality.
Recruitment is an art and recruiting the right kind of workforce is a crucial step in deciding the growth, productivity, and efficiency of your firm in long term.

What you can expect from us:

  • Contingent Search

    We typically work under a “No Win, No Fee” method. The fee for our service is earned only if we procure cause for hiring an applicant, payable on the successful candidate’s start date.

  • Non-exclusivity

    There is no restriction on your right to procure personnel services from any other vendor or through your own resources.

  • Warranty

    If the applicant voluntarily leaves or is discharged within 3 months from the date of employment, we will make every effort to find a suitable replacement applicant at no cost.

  • Proactive approach, reach across the globe

    We take a more proactive approach, considering those who aren’t actively seeking a new role. This enables a much wider selection than just those who are in a database, answered ads, or shown interest themselves, increasing the chances of finding the person with the exact, unique skill sets needed for the niche role.

  • More customized, finding rare skill sets

    Our search enables a more customized search for roles that are often very unique. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather we take more time to gain a thorough understanding of what the ideal candidate possesses.

  • Lower risk of bad hires

    The focus of our search is quality. When it’s crucial to get the right candidate for a high-stakes role, we offer a lower risk of a bad hire, and thus a higher certainty and comfort level.

  • High priority level

    The upfront structure of the search ensures that each placement takes high priority.

  • Multiple options so the best can be chosen

    We will present a handful of highly-qualified candidates who fit skill, culture, and salary requirements, so that truly the best fit can be chosen.

  • Most vetted candidates

    You can have confidence knowing your candidates have been fully vetted — from more strenuous background checks, reference checks, and so on, only the most genuinely qualified candidates, both skill-wise and culturally, will be presented.

  • More feedback and real-time updates

    We will provide you with more helpful information throughout the process, including market intelligence, competition, timelines, and so on.

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